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Welcome to Impetus

It’s time for another issue of Impetus, the online magazine of Luther College at the University of Regina (LCUR). We are a liberal arts college rooted in Christian spirituality and a partner in post-secondary education with the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Five key principles inform our teaching and research in the arts, fine arts, and sciences at Luther College: commitment to global citizenship; engagement in social justice; pursuit of a sustainable environment; demonstration of high ethical standards; and continuous reflection on values.

Winter 2022 issue


By Dr. Barbara Reul, Prof. Scott J. Wilson, and Dr. F. Volker Greifenhagen (co-editors)     

We invite you to explore this brand-new issue of Luther College at the University of Regina’s (LCUR) online magazine. It is not only distinct from LCUR’s alumni magazine, The Luther Story , but also decidedly different from previous Impetus issues (see the 2011–2017 volumes).  

Dr. Barbara Reul

For the first time in the history of Impetus, three years’ worth of LCUR snapshots, specifically from 2019, 2020, and 2021, appear under the same “academic roof.” To bring those three years together, each year and each respective major section are introduced by one of the three co-editors. The membership of the editorial board also reflects the highly interdisciplinary nature of LCUR’s faculty: where else would a bilingual music historian (who is also a trained organist) team up with a Writing Across the Disciplines Coordinator (and English Instructor) to benefit from the wisdom of a former LCUR academic dean – who is both an expert on Islam as well as an ordained Lutheran pastor? Enough said.  

Prof. Scott J. Wilson

We began to put our heads together in Fall 2021 to determine which specific glimpses from LCUR’s recent past we wanted to highlight in this “mega issue.” Documenting important events that had taken place on campus in 2019 was comparatively easy; after all, a global pandemic had not yet begun to wreak havoc at post-secondary institutions. When it did in mid-March 2020, LCUR instructors and administrators found themselves having to quickly adapt to a new reality. Besides swapping face-to-face conversations in physical classrooms with remote learning via Zoom, research, career paths, and overall strategic plans all had to be revised, if not rethought completely. To that end, the sections “2020 – The Pandemic: Year 1” and “2021: The Pandemic – Year 2” chronicle how the LCUR academic community strove to make a continued impact on others despite (and in some cases also because of) COVID-19 restrictions. Furthermore, given the harrowing nature of last few years, we also thought it would be useful to give some of those “voices” from 2019 and 2020 a chance to re-evaluate their pre-pandemic and early pandemic perspectives. As such, you will notice some reflections scattered throughout the issue and hopefully appreciate this “time-capsule” and “time-machine” approach.  

Dr. F. Volker Greifenhagen

Did access to new technology make life easier for the editorial board of Impetus? Absolutely. For the first time ever, all editorial meetings took place online via Zoom, we divided up tasks in a shared folder online, and even did some of the “backend” work on an – also brand-new – Impetus website. Commissioned by Angela Bethune, LCUR’s Director of Communications, the site was designed by the talented Michayla Ziegler, LCUR’s Communications Officer, who also created the beautiful new Impetus logo. We thank Michayla for sharing her expertise – and screen!  

We hope that you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together.  

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All named authors in this issue of Impetus hold the exclusive copyright to their respective contributions. © April 2022